(a)   Each person appointed as a full-time member of the Department of Fire shall, within eighteen months of appointment, reside within twenty miles from the closest boundary of the City. He or she shall be required to maintain his or her residence within such twenty-mile area at all times while serving as a member of the Department.
   (b)   If at any time the State Legislature or a court of appropriate jurisdiction either eliminates residency as a requirement of employment, or if the limitation is extended beyond the current twenty mile limitations, this City shall abide by the expansion or elimination of such residency requirement.
   (c)   The failure of any person to comply with divisions (a) or (b) of this section shall constitute good cause for dismissal.
(Ord. 1988-39. Passed 11-28-88; Ord. 2000-29.  Passed 6-12-01; Ord. 2001-30.  Passed 9-10-01; Ord. 2013-7.  Passed 2-25-13.)