10.46.060   Issuance of residential parking permits.
   (a)   Residential parking permits shall be issued by the city in accordance with requirements set forth in this chapter. Each such permit shall be designed to state or reflect thereon the identification of the particular residential permit parking area (i.e., College Terrace) as well as the license number of the motor vehicle for which it is issued. The city may also issue virtual permits in combination with or instead of physical permits. No more than one residential parking permit shall be issued to each motor vehicle owned or leased for which application is made.
   (b)   The city shall issue residential parking permits with a term of one year from September 1 to August 31 regardless of when during the year a resident purchases the parking permit, to motor vehicles which comply with the requirements setforth in this chapter. Purchase of permits will be available starting thirty days prior to the beginning of thenext RPPP year. A grace period will be recognized from September 1 to September 30 for residents with a permit from the previous year. Vehicles displaying a permit from the previous year will not be cited during the grace period.
   (c)   Residents applying for a permit will be required to provide proof of vehicle ownership and residency. A vehicle registration form as well as one of the following shall be required at the time of registration showing College Terrace residency:
   •   Driver’s license – indicating College TerraceAddress
   •   Rental agreement – with name of resident
   •   Current (i.e., not more than sixty days old) utility bill with street address noted
   (d)   One residential parking permit may be issued for each vehicle owned, leased or any person who can demonstrate that they are currently a resident of the area for which the permit is to be issued.
   (e)   A residential parking permit may be issued for any vehicle owned, leased or any person who is employed by or a representative of a neighborhood-serving establishment located within the particular residential permit parking area. Each employee or representative of a neighborhood-serving establishment will be allowed to obtain one permit for each vehicle they own or lease subject to the following criteria which shall be used to establish the eligibility of a neighborhood-serving establishment and the maximum number of permits to be issued:
   (1)   An establishment for which there is no off-street parking and no financially feasible way of creating adequate off-street parking on the site of the establishment;
   (2)   In areas where it appears that the number of permits sold per block would exceed the number of legal on-street parking spaces per block the initial sale would be limited to two or possibly one permit per neighborhood-serving establishment;
   (3)   Distribution of permits shall be through a designated representative of the establishment who will be responsible for allocation of the permits to employees.
   (f)   Renewal of residential parking permits shall be subject to the same conditions imposed on new permits.
   (g)   The residential parking permit shall be displayed as directed by the city. The city may issue a residential parking permit in any form, including as a virtual permit.
   (h)   The Director of the Office of Transportation is authorized to issue such rules and regulations, not inconsistent with this chapter, governing the issuance and display of residential parking permits.
   (i)   Any person to whom a residential parking permit has been issued pursuant to this section shall be deemed a parking permit holder.
(Ord. 5531 § 7 (part), 2021: Ord. 5060 § 3, 2009)