10.46.110   Violation– Penalty.
   (a)   It is unlawful and shall constitute a violation of this chapter for any person to stand or park a motor vehicle, without a current residential parking permit properly displayed, at a curb within a residential permit parking area for a period of time exceeding the time limitation established for such area.
   (b)   The following shall be unlawful:
   (1)   For any person to falsely represent himself orherself as eligible for a parking permit or to furnish false information in an application therefore;
   (2)   For any person holding a valid parking permit issued pursuant hereto to permit use or display of or to use or display such permit on a motor vehicle other than that for which the permit was issued;
   (3)   For any person to copy, reproduce or otherwise bring into existence a facsimile or counterfeit parking permit or permits without written authorization from Revenue Collections;
   (4)   For any person to knowingly use or display a facsimile or counterfeit parking permit in order to evade time limitations on parking applicable in a residential parking permit area;
   (5)   For any person holding a valid parking permitissued pursuant hereto to sell, give or exchangesaid permit to any other person;
   (6)   For any person to knowingly commit any act which is prohibited by the terms of this chapter or any ordinance enacted by authority granted by this chapter.
(Ord. 5060 § 3, 2009)