10.46.040   Designation of additional residential permit parking area.
   (a)   City staff shall consider for designation anyproposed block in College Terrace for which a petition has been submitted which meets and satisfiesthe following requirements:
   (1)   The petition shall contain a description or a map showing the proposed residential permit parkingarea.
   (2)   Said description or map shall be followedin the petition by the following statement:
“We, the undersigned, are residents in the proposed residential permit parking area described in this petition. We understand that, if this area is designated as a residentialpermit parking area, certain restrictions will be placed upon on-street parking within the designated area; that subject to the regulations and restrictions established by the City Council, guests to residences will be eligible to use permits exempting them from such parking restrictions; that the annual fee for a residential parking permit will be as set forthin the City of Palo Alto Municipal FeeSchedule; that a residential parking permit may be issued to a resident of a residential address and/or to each additional resident of the same address; that no more than one residential parking permit shall be issued to each motor vehicle owned or leased for which application is made; that fees for guest parking permits (either one-day or annual guest parking permits) are as set forthin the City Municipal Fee Schedule. Wethe undersigned hereby request that the Council of the City of Palo Alto consider thispetition for establishment of the above described areas as a residential permit parking area.”
   (3)   The aforementioned statement shall be followed by a signature, printed name, address, and date of signing of the petition by residents representing at least fifty-one percent of the addresses within each proposed block. In addition, the petition sponsor must certify that a reasonable means of inquiry was undertaken to assure the validity of petition signatures. Receipt of a petition representing at least fifty-one percent of the addresses within a proposed area will initiate the residential permit parking review process. Subsequent counter petitions received from residents within a proposed block will be reviewed, but they willin no way invalidate the initial petition requestingestablishment of residential permit parkingor terminate the review process.
   (4)   Both sides of a street must be included in each block area unless determined by the City Manager or his or her designee to be impractical or undesirable.
   (b)   Upon receipt by City staff of a petition as described in subsection (a) of this section, City staff shall:
   (1)   Undertake or cause to be undertaken such surveys or studies deemed necessary;
   (2)   Conduct an official voting ballot of the blocks requesting participation in the RPPP. The ballot shall allow each residence to vote in favor oragainst the RPPP and their block to be included inthe program. All blocks with at least fifty-one (51)percent of the addresses supporting the RPPP willbe considered for inclusion in the program.
   (3)   Cause to be drafted a resolution which would establish a residential permit parking area based upon the aforementioned petition, survey, studies and vote, including any regulations and time restrictions as established in this chapter.
   (c)   The City Council may approve, reject, or modify the resolution establishing a residential permitparking area. The City Council must approvethe resolution in order to establish a residential permit parking area.
   (d)   Blocks determined to meet the established requirements set forth herein will be included in the current RPPP year and terminating no less than one year following.
(Ord. 5060 § 3, 2009)