Chapter 10.64
   10.64.004   Bicycle lanes and paths established.
   10.64.008   City manager to implement establishment of bicycle lanes and paths.
   10.64.020   Establishment of licensing agency.
   10.64.030   Daily report by buyers of secondhand bicycles.
   10.64.040   Reserved.
   10.64.050   Removal or alteration of tags or numbers.
   10.64.080   Sirens and whistles.
   10.64.090   Handlebar grips.
   10.64.100   Carriers.
   10.64.110   Compliance with mechanical standards.
   10.64.120   Rules of the road.
   10.64.130   Riding bicycles on sidewalks and in undercrossings.
   10.64.140   Riding bicycles on streets.
   10.64.150   Vehicles prohibited from bicycle paths.
   10.64.160   Hitching rides on vehicles.
   10.64.170   Passengers on vehicles and other devices.
   10.64.180   Towing.
   10.64.190   Racing.
   10.64.200   Trick riding.
   10.64.210   Parking and parking spaces.
   10.64.220   Speed limits on shared-use paths.
   10.64.230   Use of roller skates, skateboards and coasters prohibited in business districts.
   10.64.240   Use of coasters, roller skates, skateboards and similar devices.
   10.64.241   Use of skateboards in residential districts.
   10.64.242   Hours for skateboard riding.
   10.64.243   Rules of the road for skateboarders.
   10.64.244   Safety of skateboard riders.
   10.64.245   Manner of skateboard operation.
   10.64.250   Enforcement.
   10.64.251   Parents of skateboard riders.
   *   For state law providing that traffic laws apply to persons riding bicycles - See Veh. C.A. § 21050; for provisions prohibiting bicycles from vehicular crossings except when signs indicate otherwise - See Veh. C.A. § 23330.