10.46.050   Withdrawal as a residential permit parking area.
   (a)   Once a block is enrolled, there is a one year waiting period before it may withdraw from the RPPP program. A block may withdraw from the program following submission of a petition by the following statement:
   “(1)   We, the undersigned, are residents in the College Terrace residential permit parking area described in this petition. We request that the block described in this petition beremoved from the College Terrace residential parking permit program. We understand that, if this area is removed as a residential permit parking area that nonresidents may park along the block without time restrictions of the RPPP but it does not exempt vehicles from other traffic controls and regulations existing in the College Terrace neighborhood.
   (2)   The aforementioned statement shall be followed by a signature, printed name, address, and date of signing of the petition byresidents representing at least fifty-one percent of the addresses within each proposed block requesting removal from theprogram. In addition, the petition sponsor must certify that a reasonable means of inquiry was undertaken to assure the validity of petition signatures. Receipt of a petition representing at least fifty-one percent of the addresses within a proposed area will initiate the residential permit parking withdrawal process. The city shall conduct an official vote of the blocks requesting withdrawal in the RPPP. Results of the petition and vote will be used in determining whether the block may be removed from the program. Removal from the RPPP shall be administered by the City Manager or his or her designee.”
(Ord. 5060 § 3, 2009)