General Provisions
   113.001   Purpose, findings, intent and incorporation of recitals
   113.002   Construction
   113.003   Obscenity, indecent exposure unlawful
   113.004   Definitions
   113.005   Notice
   113.006   Business tax receipt; home occupations
   113.007   Immunity from prosecution
Licensing Provisions
   113.020   License required
   113.021   Location generally
   113.022   Responsibilities of other offices and departments
   113.023   License application and application fee
   113.024   Advertising
   113.025   Contents of application
   113.026   Continuing duty; false or misleading information
   113.027   Consent
   113.028   Investigation of application
   113.029   Issuance or denial of license
   113.030   Reasons for denial of application or license
   113.031   Reapplication after denial
   113.032   Annual license fee
   113.033   Contents of license, terms of license, renewals, expiration lapse
   113.034   Records and reports
   113.035   Transfer of license
   113.036   Establishment name change
   113.037   Suspension and revocation of license
   113.038   Suspension and revocation proceedings
   113.039   Worker records
   113.050   General requirements for all adult entertainment establishments and sexually-oriented businesses
   113.051   Sexually-oriented business regulations
   113.052   Adult theater regulations
   113.053   Adult performance establishment regulations
   113.054   Commercial bodily contact establishment regulations
   113.055   Escort service regulations
Engaging in Prohibited Activity
   113.070   Customers
   113.071   Workers; operators
   113.085   Operation without a license
   113.086   Operation contrary to operational requirements
   113.087   Use of restrooms or dressing rooms
Unlawful Activities
   113.100   Minors
   113.101   Records
   113.102   Hours of operation
   113.103   Special prohibitions relating to escorts and escort services
   113.104   Special prohibitions related to commercial bodily contact
   113.105   Commercial bodily contact establishments prohibited; savings provision
   113.106   Sexual encounter businesses prohibited; prohibited acts; unlawful provisions
   113.999   Penalty