In addition to all general provisions of this chapter pertaining to adult entertainment establishments and sexually-oriented businesses, an escort service, regardless of whether licensed under this chapter, shall:
   (A)   Not advertise, offer or perform any other service than services which are posted;
   (B)   Cause all workers and escorts to conceal their specified anatomical areas with an opaque covering at all times when on the premises of the escort service;
   (C)   Not advertise, display, publish, exhibit, place, distribute or promote on any advertising matter or signage services that are not posted or a suggestion that services not posted will be provided;
   (D)   Not begin a meeting or service with a customer between 10:00 p.m. of any day of the week and 9:00 a.m. the following day;
   (E)   If offering or providing escorts or escort service within the town, each escort service shall notify the Brevard County Sheriff’s Department and the Mayor or his or her designee of an authorized physical location, which may or may not be within the town, from where the escort service operates and dispatches escorts;
   (F)   Include in all advertising or promotional literature posted, placed, published or distributed within the town the number of a valid sexually-oriented business license issued by the town  unless the escort service does not refer, send or dispatch escorts to any location within the jurisdictional limits of the town;
   (G)   Each escort service shall ensure that every escort and worker of the escort service is provided with a copy of the escort service’s license and carries it while working as an escort for the service, and displays the license upon the request of any law enforcement officer or the Mayor or his or her designee. In addition to a copy of the escort service’s license, each escort service shall ensure that each escort has obtained a business tax receipt to engage in the occupation of escort within the town  and that they carry the license while working, and displays the license upon the request of any law enforcement officer or the Mayor or his or her designee. Notwithstanding the foregoing, an escort or worker of an escort service who is a paid employee for whom taxes and Social Security payments are withheld and paid by the licensed escort service and who is not an independent contractor may substitute and carry a copy of the sexually-oriented business/escort service license of the employing escort service only, provided that worker records as required by this chapter are created and maintained by the licensed escort service; and
   (H)   If a meeting with or the service of a customer occurs at a location not open to the public, then the escort shall check in with the on duty manager of the premises in person where the meeting or service occurs or begins prior to meeting or servicing a customer and advise the manager of the following: names of the escort(s); the escort service and customer(s); the escort’s time of arrival and estimated time of departure; and a copy of the escort service’s sexually-oriented business license and the escort’s own business tax receipt, if applicable, and the location of the meeting within the structure.
(Ord. 2007-11, passed 6-26-2007)  Penalty, see § 113.999