In addition to all general requirements of this chapter pertaining to adult entertainment establishments and sexually-oriented businesses, a commercial bodily contact establishment, regardless of whether it is licensed under this chapter, shall:
   (A)   Operate only from a fixed physical location which is set forth on its sexually-oriented business license and all required business tax receipts;
   (B)   Not advertise, offer or provide any other service other than services which are posted;
   (C)   Provide clean linen and towels for each customer when towels and linens are used during the course of providing services to a customer; provided, however, that heavy white paper may be substituted for sheets if the paper is used for only one customer and then discarded into a sanitary receptacle;
   (D)   Store clean linen, towels and other materials used in connection with providing commercial bodily contact in closed cabinets;
   (E)   Disinfect and sterilize non-disposable instruments after each use on a customer;
   (F)   Cause all workers to conceal their specified anatomical areas with an opaque covering at all times when on the premises of the business by wearing an opaque surgical type gown;
   (G)   Not encourage, allow or permit any customer to consume food or beverages in the business;
   (H)   Provide commercial bodily contact in an area wherein the area is visible at all times from common areas in the establishment. No contact may occur in a separate or individual cubicle, room, booth or area which is not visible from common areas of the establishment and a receptionist area; provided, however, that if male and female customers are provided services at the same time, separate work areas shall be established for each gender;
   (I)   Not advertise, display, publish, exhibit, place, distribute or promote on any advertising matter or signage services that are not posted or a suggestion that services not posted will be provided;
   (J)   Not advertise, display, publish, exhibit, place, distribute or promote on any advertising matter or signage any suggestion that workers will be dressed in any manner other than as required in this chapter;
   (K)   Not begin a meeting or service with a customer between 10:00 p.m. of any day of the week and 9:00 a.m. the following day;
   (L)   Not provide services at any place other than a physical location licensed to provide commercial bodily contact under the provisions of this chapter; and
   (M)   Not place or permit the placement of any bed, mattress or sofa at the business; provided, however, that a sofa may be placed in the reception area open to the public at the main entrance of the business and cots or padded mats may be used when providing commercial bodily contact.
(Ord. 2007-11, passed 6-26-2007)  Penalty, see § 113.999