(A)   Purpose -
      (1)   The purpose of the RC sub-zone is to provide open space for various forms of outdoor recreation of either a public or private nature. The intent is to encourage outdoor recreational uses which will protect and enhance areas which have both active and passive recreation potential. Such uses should offer recreational activities which compliment and are appropriate to the area because of their natural resources and beauty. This sub-zone is designed to implement the recreational policies of the Oxnard coastal land use plan, as outlined in Chapter 3.7.1.
      (2)   Nothing in this section shall restrict public and private access to the recreational opportunities provided within the coastal zone of the city.
(`64 Code, Sec. 37-2.13.1)
      (3)   In particular, public coastal and recreation within North Shore at Mandalay Bay shall be consistent with LCP Land Use Plan Policy No. 82.1.
   (B)   Permitted uses - The following uses which are coastal dependent, open space, and nonstructural in nature are permitted in the RC sub-zone:
      (1)   Unimproved outdoor public and private passive recreational uses, e.g., parks and playgrounds;
      (2)   Unimproved riding, hiking, biking, and walking trails;
      (3)   Unlighted sand volleyball courts;
      (4)   Portable lifeguard stations of a seasonal nature;
      (5)   Temporary wind fences for seasonal beach sand stabilization not to exceed 36 inches in height, which will not interfere with lateral or vertical public access and related permitted uses; and
      (6)   Unimproved, open air educational and scientific research.
(`64 Code, Sec. 37-2.13.2)
   (C)   Conditionally permitted uses - The following uses are permitted subject to the approval of a coastal development permit pursuant to the provisions of article V of this chapter.
      (1)   Structures and facilities of an accessory nature required to support the recreational uses permitted in this sub-zone, including, but not limited to, parking areas, water and sanitary facilities, boat launching facilities, barbeques and fire rings, bicycle parking facilities, ranger stations, and limited concession facilities;
      (2)   Swimming and tennis clubs;
      (3)   Public and private day use picnic facilities;
      (4)   Public and private camp grounds (nonvehicular);
      (5)   Recreational vehicle parks;
      (6)   Residential structure for a caretaker to protect human life and property; and
      (7)   Oil and gas production activities within existing known fields, as identified by the California Division of Oil and Gas. (Policies 37 and 38)
(`64 Code, Sec. 37-2.13.3)
      (8)   Improved (paved) riding, hiking, biking and walking trails for North Shore at Mandalay Bay.
   (D)   Applicable provisions - All uses shall be subject to the applicable standards of this chapter, including standards contained in the following sections:
      (1)   Section 17-5, General requirements;
      (2)   Article III, Specific Coastal Development and Resource Standards;
      (3)   Article IV, General Coastal Development and Resource Standards; and
      (4)   Article V, Administration.
(`64 Code, Sec. 37-2.13.4)
(Ord. No. 2034, 2598, 2716)