(A)   Purpose - The purpose of the COD sub-zone is to provide areas to explore for and develop known oil and natural gas resources. This sub-zone shall be applied only to existing known fields as designated by the State Division of Oil and Gas, and shall not be applied in residential or environmentally sensitive habitat areas (Policy 63). In the event that oil and/or gas deposits are believed to be present in an area not presently designated for oil and gas production activities, an amendment to the coastal land use plan and rezoning of the affected property will be required with appropriate permits prior to commencing with the exploration or production activities. All development within the COD sub-zone shall be consistent with the policies of the Oxnard coastal land use plan (Chapter 3), while employing the best available control technology (BACT) to minimize adverse effects upon public access to the beach, as well as to protect visual resources and environmentally sensitive habitat areas.
(`64 Code, Sec. 37-2.12.1)
   (B)   Conditionally permitted uses - The following uses are permitted subject to the approval of a coastal development permit pursuant to the provisions of article V:
      (1)   Off-street public parking facilities;
      (2)   Drilling, redrilling or reworking and pumping of wells for the production of petroleum and petroleum byproducts;
      (3)   Structures, equipment and other facilities incidental to subdivision (2) above;
      (4)   Injection wells and incidental equipment necessary for enhanced oil recovery or disposal of production waste and equipment and facilities necessary for enhanced oil recovery, including water flooding, steam injection, air injection, carbon dioxide injection, or introduction or polymers or other agents;
      (5)   Storage tanks necessary or incidental to separation/treatment of oil and gas or temporary storage of separated hydrocarbons, and equipment for transfer of the produced hydrocarbons to pipelines or tanker trucks; and
      (6)   Pipelines necessary for oil and gas production operations within the coastal zone.
(`64 Code, Sec. 37-2.12.2)
   (C)   Applicable provisions - All uses shall be subject to the applicable standards of this chapter, including standards contained in the following sections:
      (1)   Section 17-5, General requirements;
      (2)   Article III, Specific Coastal Development and Resource Standards;
      (3)   Article IV, General Coastal Development and Resource Standards; and
      (4)   Article V, Administration.
(`64 Code, Sec. 37-2.12.3)
(Ord. No. 2034, 2716)