Definitions; Administration
   70.001   Definitions
   70.002   Duty of Town Marshal’s office
   70.003   Records of traffic violations
   70.004   Emergency traffic control
Traffic Rules Generally
   70.020   Authority of Police and Fire Department officials
   70.021   Required obedience to traffic chapter
   70.022   Certain non-motorized traffic to obey traffic regulations
   70.023   Use of skateboards and similar devices restricted
   70.024   Public employees to obey traffic regulations
   70.025   Authorized emergency vehicles
Speed Regulations
   70.040   State speed laws applicable
   70.041   Speed in alleys
Miscellaneous Traffic Rules
   70.055   Stop when traffic obstructed
   70.056   Drivers in a procession
   70.057   Permits required for parades and processions
   70.058   Boarding or alighting from vehicles
   70.059   Unlawful riding
   70.060   Driving or parking upon a sidewalk
   70.061   Containment of loads
   70.062   Pedestrians to cross at right angles
   70.063   Following fire apparatus
   70.064   Crossing fire hose
   70.065   Limitations on backing
   70.066   Riding on motorcycles
   70.067   Attaching bicycles, sleds and the like to vehicles
   70.068   Slow-moving vehicles other than golf carts