(A)   When any vehicle, whether pulled, towed, self-propelled or animal drawn, which is not under ordinary circumstances, moved operated or driven at a speed in excess of 25 mph, is moved, operated or driven on any public highway which is open for vehicular travel, it shall display a triangular slow-moving vehicle emblem mounted as near as practical to the center of mass and at an approximate height of not less than three feet nor more than five feet from any level ground or pavement surface.
   (B)   In any event, said emblem shall be mounted so as to be entirely visible from the rear, day or night; and both the emblem and its position of mounting on the vehicle shall meet the specifications established by rules and regulations property adopted and promulgated by the Director of the Office of Traffic Safety.
(2008 Code, § 3.2.40)  Penalty, see § 10.99