1273.01  INTENT.
   The purpose of Rural Residential Districts is to provide a regulatory mechanism through which development can occur with the least environmental and visual impact in accordance with the objectives of the City's adopted Master Plan. Development within Rural Residential Districts will be located in such a way as to preserve critical natural areas such as steep slopes, flood plains, streams/rivers, ponds, critical soils and wetland areas; to maintain open areas in order to preserve visual character; and to conserve a connected system of wildlife habitats. Such development, preserved critical natural areas and preserved open areas are considered integral parts of a whole, irrevocably joined through deed restriction or like device, in order to create a coordinated balance of development with preserved areas.
   (a)   Rural Residential Village Cluster (RR-V). Rural Residential Villages are compact areas of single-family housing surrounded by areas that remain undisturbed in order to preserve critical natural features and open areas. The development of homes and the preserved natural area around them are treated as a whole; one element cannot exist without the other. Rural Residential Villages will be structured around a common open space, the circulation system will support vehicular as well as pedestrian traffic and the Village will have discernible edges.
   (b)   Rural Residential Two Acre (RR-2). Rural Residential-2 allows for the development of single-family lots while still preserving an equal amount of natural area. This type of single-family development will provide an alternative to the R1-A lifestyle by ensuring the preservation of natural features within each lot as well as within the natural areas.
   (c)   Rural Residential Three Acre (RR-3). Rural Residential-3 allows for the development of large-lot single-family development.
   (d)   Minor Subdivisions.  Rural Residential zoning does not apply to minor subdivisions or single lots. Minor subdivisions are not more than five lots, as defined in Section 1244.04 of this Planning and Zoning Code.  R1-A zoning shall apply for minor subdivisions and single lots.
(Ord. 95-150.  Passed 10-3-95; Ord. 10-166.  Passed 12-21-10.)