1.    Application for installation of services and the furnishing of water
2.    Service connections
3.    Property owner to pay cost of service connections
4.    Pipe in private streets, alley, or courts
5.    Water connections
6.    Application for extended service
7.    Inspection services
8.    No cross connections or by-pass connections to be allowed
9.    Curb and corporation cocks under control of village
10.    Independent service for each property
11.    Stops at meter loop
12.    Turning on water
13.    Additions and alterations.
14.    Service to be discontinued
15.    Access to property
16.    Leaky fixtures and pipes
17.    Meters to be furnished
18.    Meter boxes
19.    Meters to be accessible
20.    Meters damaged or stolen
21.    Cost of repairs
22.    Water for public improvements
23.    Leaks in fire lines and inactive services
24.    When service connections will not be repaired
25.    Leaks will not be allowed
26.    Service connections for fire protection
27.    Use of fire hydrants
28.    Water bills - how rendered
29.    Water rates when due
30.    Bills must be paid in order contracted
31.    Water may be shut off against delinquents
32.    Lien upon real estate to secure delinquent accounts
33.    Assessment and collection of water rents or charges
34.    Estimating of water
35.    Meter testing
36.    Independent meter for each user
37.    Fire hydrants
38.    Water mains in plats
39.    Water service in plats
40.    Repealer