(A)   The installation of fire extinguisher service connections to supply water to sprinkler systems or private fire hydrants for extinguisher only, will be permitted when applications and plans have been submitted to the Village and approved by authorized representatives of the Village, but no connection will be allowed larger than six inches in diameter and must be provided with detector check arranged for by-pass meter, or where required, a full sized meter set in concrete meter vault with an iron cover and vault drained to sewer.
   (B)   Water for such extinguisher purposes will be furnished as per rates established by the Village.
   (C)   The Village will furnish all material and do all work necessary for the installation of such fire extinguisher services from the main to the meter box-vault, the cost of such work to be paid by the property owner promptly upon rendering of the bill.
   (D)   When any premises have one or more fire service connections each service shall be equipped with a check valve easily accessible, so set that water can flow into the premises but cannot flow out.
   (E)   Pipes intended for protection against fire must not be tapped or used for the general water supply on any premises.
(Ord. passed 5-21-96)