Article I:  Name and Boundaries
1.01   Name
1.02   Boundaries
1.03   Form of government
1.04   Powers of the Municipality
1.05   Manner of exercise of powers
1.06   Construction
1.07   Intergovernmental relations
Article II:  Mayor and Council
2.01   Powers, composition and term
2.02   Council as a continuing body
2.03   Compensation and bonds
2.04   Mayor
2.05   Vice Mayor
2.06   Organization
2.07   Council rules and journal
2.08   Vacancies
2.09   Meetings of Council
2.10   Legislative procedure
2.11   Ordinances and resolutions; procedure in adoption of resolutions
2.12   Reading requirements
2.13   Emergency ordinances
2.14   Actions not permitted as emergencies
2.14   Authentication of ordinances and resolutions
2.15   Effective date of ordinances
2.16   Public notice before final enactment
2.17   Publication of resolutions and ordinances
2.18   Council relationship to administrative officers
2.19   Passage of ordinance by reference
2.20   Boards, commissions, and committees
Article III:  The Mayor
3.01   Qualifications
3.02   Ceremonial duties
Article IV:  Municipal Manager
4.01   Municipal Manager; qualifications
4.02   Municipal Manager; powers and duties
4.03   Municipal Manager; absence or disability
4.04   Administrative Departments
4.05   Municipal departments
4.06   Directors and department heads
4.07   Law Director
4.08   Judicial process
Article V:  Personnel
5.01   General provisions
5.02   Merit System established
5.03   Exempt positions
5.04   Personnel Department
5.05   Personnel Appeals Board
5.06   Duties of Personnel Appeals Board
5.07   Prohibitions
Article VI:  Taxation and Finance
6.01   Fiscal year
6.02   Preparation and submission of budget estimates
6.03   Appropriation budget
6.04   Annual appropriation ordinance
6.05   Budget as an appropriation
6.06   Date of final adoption; failure to adopt
6.07   Transfer of appropriations
6.08   Lapse of appropriations
6.09   Capital program
6.10   Competitive bidding
6.11   Emergency appropriations
6.12   Fees
6.13   Annual audits
Article VII:  Nomination, Elections, Qualifications, Initiative, Referendum and Recall
7.01   General provisions
7.02   Definitions
7.03   Qualifications of elected officers
7.04   Voting districts
7.05   Elections
7.06   Beginning of term of office
7.07   Election and appointment to fill an unexpired term
7.08   Initiative and referendum
7.09   Recall
Article VIII:  General Provisions
8.01   Conflict of interest
8.02   Personal interest
8.03   Charter amendment
8.04   Charter review
8.05   Separability
8.06   Interpretation
8.07   Oath of office
Article IX:  Transition
9.01   Officers and employees
9.02   Transition of departments, offices and agencies
9.03   Pending matters
9.04   Existing laws
9.05   Transfer of records and property
   Editor's note: Ordinance 93-12, passed August 17, 1993, provided for the submission to the electorate of certain amendments to the Charter of New Lebanon, originally effective on January 1, 1979.  The amendments became effective on December 30, 1993.  Amended Charter provisions are indicated by the following history: (Amended, eff. 12-30-93) Charter review is per the Charter. The revised Charter was submitted to Council by the Review Committee, it is not the product of the Council.