General Provisions
   53.01   Introduction of fluorides into water system
   53.02   Water rates and tap-on fees
   53.03   Meter fees for fire hydrants
Operation of Water System
   53.10   Connection required
   53.11   Application for service connection
   53.12   Service lines to curb
   53.13   Service lines from curb to premises
   53.14   Responsibility for condition of service line
   53.15   Opening and closing valves and stop cocks
   53.16   Two consumers on same service line
   53.17   Leaks and defective plumbing
   53.18   Use of hydrants
   53.19   Private fire service
   53.20   Connection or outlets between main and meter
   53.21   Special service charges
   53.22   Two using same meter
   53.23   Extension of street mains
   53.24   Cross-connections
   53.25   Water hammer or surges
   53.26   Public fire hydrants
   53.27   Changing of rules and regulations
   53.28   Violation
   53.99   Penalty