General Provisions
   152.001   Purpose
Historic Preservation Commission
   152.010   Creation
   152.011   Joint ordinance
   152.012   Representation
   152.013   Tenure
   152.014   Attendance at meetings
   152.015   Meetings
   152.016   Rules of procedure
   152.017   Quorum and vote required for recommendation
   152.018   Private interest of members
   152.019   Commission powers
Designation of Historic Districts
   152.030   Adoption of an ordinance of designation of an historic district
   152.031   Definition of character of an historic district
   152.032   Required procedures
Designation of Landmarks
   152.040   Adoption of an Ordinance of Designation of Landmarks
   152.041   Inventory of landmarks
   152.042   Required procedures
Alteration of Demolition of Designated Landmark or Historic District
   152.050   Certificate of Appropriateness
   152.051   Limitation on jurisdiction over interior spaces
   152.052   Application for Certificate of Appropriateness
   152.053   Contents of an application for Certificate of Appropriateness
   152.054   Time for Hearing Applications of Certificate of Appropriateness
   152.055   Notification by Historic Preservation Commission of affected property owners
   152.056   Public hearing
   152.057   Action on an application for a Certificate of Appropriateness
   152.058   Review criteria for Certificates of Appropriateness
   152.059   Minor work
   152.060   Certain changes not prohibited
   152.061   Appeals
   152.062   Submission of new applications
Delay of Demolition of Landmarks and Buildings within Historic Districts
   152.080   Delay by Historic Preservation Commission
   152.081   Delay pending designation as district or landmark
   152.082   Prevention of demolition by neglect
   152.083   Structures having statewide significance
Records of Commission
   152.090   Record of action taken by Commission
   152.100   Receipt and expenditure of funds
   152.110   Staff and technical services
   152.120   Ownership of property
Publicly Owned Buildings and Structures
   152.130   Ordinance to apply to publicly owned buildings and structures
Other Laws
   152.140   Conflict with other laws
   152.150   Remedies