(A)   Upon complying with the landmark designation procedures as set forth in this ordinance, the Union County Board of Commissioners, the Monroe City Council, or the Marshville or Wingate Town Councils may adopt and from time-to-time amend or repeal an ordinance designating one or more historic landmarks.  No property shall be recommended for designation as a landmark unless it is deemed and found by the Historic Preservation Commission to be of special significance in terms of its historical, prehistorical, architectural, or cultural importance and to possess integrity of design, setting, workmanship, materials, feeling and/or association.
   (B)   The ordinance shall describe each property designated in the ordinance, the name or names of the owner or owners of the property, those elements of the property that are integral to its historical, architectural, or prehistorical value, including the land areas of the property so designated and any other information the governing board deems necessary.  For each building, structure, site, area or object so designated as a historic landmark, the ordinance shall require that the waiting period set forth in G.S. Ch. 160A, Art. 19, Part 3C be observed prior to its demolition.  For each designated landmark, the ordinance may also provide for a suitable sign on the property indicating that the property has been so designated.  If the owner consents, the sign shall be placed upon the property.  If an owner objects, the sign shall be placed on a nearby public right-of-way.
(Ord. O-2002-46, passed 8-5-02)