(a)   Any person who desires the issuance of an identification card, required by Section 707.02, shall file with the Administrator or his designate, a written application, on a form to be provided, correctly containing the following information:
   (1)   Full name of applicant.
   (2)   Address, social security number, and U. S. taxpayer's identification number, if any.
   (3)   Birth date, height, weight, color of eyes and hair.
   (4)   If applicant uses a motor vehicle, the make, model, year and current registration number thereof.
   (5)   The state of issuance of driver's license and number thereof.
   (6)   Name and address of employer.
   (7)   Brief description of goods, wares, merchandise or services involved.
   (8)   Whether applicant has ever been convicted of any crime, and if so, the nature thereof and penalty therefor.
   (9)   Applicant shall complete a Municipal income tax information form.
      (Ord. 20-72.  Passed 8-8-72.)
   (b)   (1)   Concurrent therewith, the applicant shall pay a fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00) per company for up to five solicitors and ten dollars ($10.00) for each additional solicitor.  (Ord. 25-08.  Passed 8-25-08.)
      (2)   The following persons are declared exempt from the payment of any fee for the issuance of an identification card:
         A.   Any person selling the products of his own raising.
         B.   A duly authorized person soliciting the purchase of goods, wares, merchandise or gift for or on behalf of any recognized educational, civic, religious or charitable organization.
         C.   Persons who solicit only the purchase of or subscription for newspapers having their principal sale or distribution in this Municipality or in Stark, Carroll or Columbiana Counties.
         D.   Persons who solicit only for wholesale delivery to merchants, manufacturers or other businessmen at their office, place of business or factory, the sale of equipment or articles used in the conduct of their professions, businesses or manufacturing establishments.
         E.   Residents of this Municipality.
         F.   All other persons otherwise exempted by law.
Provided, however, it shall be unlawful for any such person to engage in the operation of selling or soliciting, as more fully described in this subsection (b)(2), without first obtaining an identification card from the Administrator, which identification card shall be issued without fee and shall be revocable for cause.
   (c)   Upon compliance with the foregoing such identification card shall forthwith be issued to applicant.
   (d)   The identification card issued pursuant to this chapter shall be valid for a period of ten days from its date of issuance. 
(Ord. 20-72.  Passed 8-8-72.)