(A)   Purpose: The existing forest in the McCall area, including the city jurisdiction and the McCall area of city impact, is considered a public resource.The purpose of these requirements is to protect that public resource in fulfillment of the McCall area comprehensive plan goals and policies:
      1.   Maintain and increase McCall's urban forest as a key component of the green infrastructure network with economic and social benefits.
      2.   Achieve no net loss of tree canopy coverage and strive to increase the overall tree canopy to reduce storm runoff, absorb air pollutants, reduce noise, stabilize soil, and provide habitat.
      3.   Maintain McCall's heritage trees.
      4.   Preserve, to the extent reasonable, native vegetation consistent with ensuring wildland fire defensible space.
      5.   Strengthen incentives and requirements for tree preservation for new development.
      6.   Improve forest health through selective thinning and using best forest management practices and guidelines.
   (B)   Tree Removal Limitations:
      1.   Any tree equal to or larger than twelve inches (12") DBH (Diameter at Breast Height 54") shall require the written approval of the city arborist.
      2.   Any thinning of smaller trees in excess of twenty percent (20%) of the total stem count on the property shall require a consultation by the city arborist.
      3.   Following issuance of a building permit or written pre-building permit approval by the city arborist, tree removal is permitted within the area of the building footprint, other structures, driveways, and other improvements, and in accord with section 3.8.04, "Fire Hazard Mitigation Standards", of this chapter.
      4.   Development of the lot should endeavor to preserve standing, healthy trees outside the area occupied by improvements.
      5.   Salvage of dead, dying, or hazardous timber and removal of brush and timber for fire safety shall be allowed.
   (C)   Slash, Logging Debris: Slash, long butts, cull logs, and logging debris shall not be accumulated or piled within view of a roadway. All such debris shall either be removed to an approved location for disposal, burned (with proper permits), or converted to mulch.
   (D)   Limitations On Timber Harvest: Timber harvest is prohibited except under the following conditions:
      1.   A property owner has first obtained a conditional use permit for such harvest;
      2.   Within road rights of way, timber harvest by or under contract with the public agency having jurisdiction of the right of way.
      3.   By a developer as required for road or utility construction in connection with a subdivision having at least preliminary plat approval, as required for survey or engineering or to remove dead or dying trees with the approval of the city arborist.
      4.   On public state lands as provided in subsection (E) of this section.
   (E)   Harvesting Without Permit; Procedure: Timber harvest from state endowment lands is permitted after review and consultation with the city and without a conditional use permit as follows:
      1.   Notice of a proposed timber sale or other logging contract shall be given to the clerk by the department of lands at least sixty (60) days before the publication of invitation to bid upon the sale, or creation of contract rights in a logger, whichever first occurs; thereafter the clerk shall forward the notice and supporting materials to the planning and zoning commission, which, if it chooses to do so, may hold a public hearing on the question of the appropriate city response to the proposed state action. The commission may request additional information.
      2.   The council, upon receiving the recommendations of the commission in this regard, may, if it chooses to do so, hold a second public hearing on the question of the city response to the proposed state action. The council may request additional information. Following such consideration by the council as it deems appropriate, a statement of council's concerns and recommendations may be approved for transmittal to the department of lands.
      3.   Public notice of any such public hearing under this subsection shall be given by publication as provided in chapter 15, "Procedures, Appeals And Actions", of this title.
      4.   The department shall not enter into the timber sale or other logging contract without first implementing or otherwise responding point by point, in writing, delivered to the city manager, to the council's statement of concerns and recommendations.
      5.   Notice of a sale which is classed as a "direct sale" under present rules of the department of lands, that is, one hundred thousand (100,000) or fewer board feet, by negotiated sale for ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00) or less, and respecting certain trees the market value of which would be lost in the event of any appreciable delay, shall be timely if furnished to the clerk fifteen (15) or more days before the signing of a contract for such sale; and the clerk shall bring the matter directly to the attention of council at its next meeting. (Ord. 821, 2-23-2006, eff. 3-16-2006; amd. Ord. 998, 1-14-2021)