§ 151.096  PERMIT.
   (A)   Permit required.  No person shall install a fence or deck in the village without first obtaining a permit and complying in all respects with the terms and conditions of the village municipal code. A fence or deck permit shall be valid only for the term of issuance, unless sooner suspended or revoked. A permit is not required for painting, maintenance or repair of any existing deck or fence, or for the replacement of less than 30 lineal feet of a fence.
   (B)   Permit application. A permit application shall be filed with the village, consisting of the following:
      (1)   A fully completed permit application form and payment of full permit fee;
      (2)   A drawing, site plan or survey, displaying property boundaries, the location of the buildings and structures on the property, the proposed location, its distances from the existing structures on the property, and its distances from all adjacent rights-of-way;
      (3)   If the fence or deck is proposed to be installed on rented or leased property, the written consent of the owner(s) of the property; and
      (4)   Other information as may be required by the village to assist in the review of the application.
   (C)   Permit fee.  A permit fee shall be paid upon submittal of the permit application in the amount of $25 or such other amount which shall be established, from time to time, by the Village Board.
   (D)   Application review and approval required, permit issuance. The Building and Zoning Officer shall review and approve the fence permit application and shall issue a fence permit within 30 days of the filing of a fence permit application, provided that the application is in compliance with this subchapter. The fence permit may contain reasonable conditions stated in the permit as determined by the Building and Zoning Officer.
   (E)   Completion of installation.  A fence authorized by a fence permit shall be constructed and fully installed in accordance with this subchapter and permit conditions within 12 months of the date of permit issuance. A fence permit shall expire 12 months after the date of issuance. After a fence permit expires, no work shall be commenced, resumed or undertaken until a new permit is issued or the original permit is extended.
   (F)   Extension.  The permit applicant may file a written request with the Village Board for an extension of the fence permit, stating the reason for the request, for up to 180 additional days to complete the fence installation. The Village Board, in administering this code, may grant the request if good cause is shown.
(Ord. 2008-09, passed 7-21-2008; Ord. 2018-06, passed 10-1-2018)