No person shall install:
   (A)   An electric or razor wire fence;
   (B)   Barbed wire may not be installed on fences, except that barbed wire may be installed above the top line of an eight-foot fence located in a nonresidential zoning district;
   (C)   Any wire or chain link type fence with the cut or salvage end (barbs) of the fence exposed at the top;
   (D)   A fence which creates a hazard to users of the street, sidewalk or to nearby property;
   (E)   A fence composed solely of fence posts;
   (F)   An incomplete fence, consisting only of posts and supporting members; or
   (G)   Fences constructed of used or discarded materials in disrepair, including but not limited to pallets, tree trunks, debris, tires, junk or other similar items.
(Ord. 2008-09, passed 7-21-2008)