§ 151.095  DEFINITIONS.
   For the purpose of this subchapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   ANIMAL ENCLOSURE.   Any outdoor structure or enclosure used to restrict animals to a contained yard area.
   BERM.   A mound of earth higher than the final elevation of a lot.
   BUILDING AND ZONING OFFICER.   The Building and Zoning Officer of the village or his or her designees thereof.
   DEPARTMENT.   The Village Building and Zoning Department.
   DOWNTOWN COMMERCIAL DISTRICT.   Depot Street from Grand Ridge Road to the railroad tracks.
   FENCE.   A structure including gates, trees or shrub hedge or other vertical screen device used to provide privacy, visual or otherwise, or for containment.
   PERSON.   Any person, firm, corporation, association or other legal entity.
   PRIVATE SWIMMING POOL.   A receptacle for water, or an artificial pool of water, having a depth of any point or more than 36 inches, intended for the purpose of immersion or partial immersion therein of human beings, and including all appurtenant equipment, constructed, installed or maintained in or above the ground outside of a building used for a single-family dwelling unit, and maintained by an individual primarily for the sole use of the household and guests and not for the purpose or profit or in connection of a business operated for profit.
   PROPERTY OWNER.   A person that owns, controls or is in lawful possession (tenant) of any real property situated in the village.
   VISUAL CLEARANCE AREA.   Twenty-five feet from the intersection of the property lot lines for all lots located at the intersection of two streets or a street and driveway/alley and sidewalk or other point of vehicular access to a public right-of-way or to a railroad.
   YARDS.   Shall be defined as follows.
      (1)   FRONT YARD.   A yard extending along the full length of front lot line between the side lot lines (and not side yard lines).
      (2)   REAR YARD.   A yard extending along the full length of the rear lot line between the side lot lines (and not the side yard lines).
      (3)   SIDE YARD. A yard extending along the side lot line from the front to the rear yard.
(Ord. 2008-09, passed 7-21-2008)