Animal enclosures shall be permitted in residential districts subject to the issuance of a fence permit and subject to the following criteria.
   (A)   No animal enclosure shall be installed on a lot unless approved by the village and a permit is issued.
   (B)   Animal enclosures shall be obscured from view from neighboring properties at grade and adjacent streets. Existing structures (i.e., sheds, garages) may be used to obscure view.
   (C)   Animal enclosures must be located within the buildable area directly behind and adjacent to the principal building. In no event shall an animal enclosure encroach into a required setback or be located closer to a corner or interior side property line than the principal building.
   (D)   No animal enclosure shall be in excess of 250 square feet in area, nor more than six feet in height above the surface of the ground.
   (E)   Animal enclosures may be constructed of any material permitted for a residential fence.
   (F)   No animal enclosure shall be constructed contrary to required visual clearance area requirements.
(Ord. 2008-09, passed 7-21-2008)