(A)   The Standing Committees of the Common Council shall consist of three members each, to be appointed at the first regular meeting held by the Council, and such Committees shall not be changed, except by the death, resignation, or removal from office of the members composing them, during the term for which such Council is elected.  The Standing Committees as follows:
      (1)   Fire and Health.
      (2)   Harbor, Levees, and Parks.
      (3)   Traffic.
      (4)   Finance.
      (5)   Schools.
      (6)   New Projects.
('66 Code, § 30.03)
   (B)   All references to Standing Committees may be made by the Common Council, upon motion, or by the President without motion when no objections are made, and all questions so referred shall be reported to the Council by Committee at the next regular meeting of the Council, unless, upon request, the Council grants the Committee further time.  ('66 Code, § 30.04)