The following order of business shall be observed by the Common Council at each meeting thereof:
   (A)   Calling the roll and noting absentees.
   (B)   Reading, approving, correcting, approving, or otherwise disposing of, the journal of the preceding meeting.
   (C)   Presentation of excuses for previous absence.
   (D)   Presentation of petitions, memorials, remonstrances, and introduction of motions, resolutions, or bills.
   (E)   Reports, recommendations, and other business from the standing committees of the Common Council.
   (F)   Reports of select committees.
   (G)   Communications and reports from city officers.
   (H)   Bills on third reading.
   (I)   Bills on second reading.
   (J)   Unfinished business.
   (K)   Miscellaneous.
('66 Code, § 30.02)