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SEC. 106.00. PURPOSE.
   (Added by Ord. No. 185,607, Eff. 7/23/18.)
   Regulating advertising of Cannabis, Cannabis Products, Cannabis Activity, or businesses engaged in any Cannabis Activity is a reasonable and necessary means to protect and promote the general welfare of the children and minors of the City of Los Angeles exposed to various media advertising Cannabis or Cannabis Products.
   Judicial precedent has repeatedly recognized that children and minors deserve special concern because they lack the ability to assess and fully analyze the information presented through advertising.
   Signs which can be seen from the outdoors are a unique and distinguishable medium of advertising which subject the general public to involuntary and unavoidable forms of solicitation.
   These regulations promote the general welfare and temperance of children and minors and are intended to help reduce the illegal consumption and purchase of Cannabis and Cannabis Products by children and minors by limiting their exposure to the advertising of Cannabis and Cannabis Products on certain on-site and off-site signs.