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   (a)   The following words and phrases whenever used in this Code shall be construed as defined in this section unless from the context a different meaning is intended, or unless a different meaning is specifically defined and more particularly directed to the use of such words or phrases:
   “City” shall mean the area within the territorial city limits of the City of Los Angeles and such territory outside of this City over which the City has jurisdiction or control by virtue of any Constitutional or Charter provision, or any law, “Council” shall mean the City Council of this City. “Oath” includes affirmation.
   “Find” or “Finding” shall mean a written finding. (Added by Ord. No. 182,095, Eff. 5/7/12.)
   “Health Department” or “Department of Health,” after 6/30/64, shall mean the Los Angeles County Health Department. (Added by Ord. No. 127,508, Eff. 6/29/64.)
   “Health Officer” or “Health Authority” or “Board of Health Commissioners,” after 6/30/64, shall mean the County Health Officer of the County of Los Angeles, or their duly authorized representative (Added by Ord. No. 127,508, Eff. 6/29/64.)
   “Office”. The use of the title of any officer, employee, or any office or ordinance or Charter shall mean such officer, employee, office, ordinance or Charter of the City of Los Angeles unless otherwise specifically designated.
   “Person” shall mean natural person, joint venture, joint stock company, partnership, association, club, company, corporation, business trust, or organization, or the manager, lessee, agent, servant, officer or employee of any of them.
   “Planning Committee” shall mean the Planning and Land Use Management Committee of the City Council. (Added by Ord. No. 164,740, Eff. 5/27/89, Oper. 7/1/89.)
   “Shall” and “May.” “Shall” is mandatory; “May” is permissive.
   “Street” shall include all streets, highways, avenues lanes, alleys, courts places, squares, curbs or other public ways in this City which have been or may hereafter be dedicated and open to public use, or such other public property so designated in any law of this State.
   There is nothing in the context of the Los Angeles Municipal Code... which justifies holding that the word streets is used therein to designate a “roadway” exclusive of is sidewalks. Unless it is associated with language restricting its meaning, the term street in its ordinary acceptation, includes sidewalks.
   People v. Noble. Cr.A 1498.
   See also Note 11(a) 44 C.J. p 883; Bonnett v San Francisco, 65 Cal 230; Marini v. Graham, 67 Cal 130, 132; Ex parte Taylor, 87 Cal. 91, 94; Vanderhurst v. Tholcke, 113 Cal. 147, 150.
   “Written” shall include printed, typewritten, mimeographed or multigraphed.
   (b)   Grammatical Interpretation.
   “Genders.” Any gender includes the other genders.
   “Singular and Plural.” The singular number includes the plural, and the plural, the singular.
   “Tenses.” Words used in the present tense include the past and future tenses and vice versa
   “Use of Words and Phrases.” Words and phrases used in this Code and not specifically defined shall be construed according to the context and approved usage of the language
   (c)   Civil Code Provisions. The provisions of Sections 13 and 1645 of the Civil Code of the State of California are hereby adopted in the interpretation of words and phrases, unless otherwise provided herein.