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   (Added by Ord. No. 185,607, Eff. 7/23/18.)
   The prohibitions set forth in Section 106.04, above, shall not apply to the following signs advertising Cannabis, Cannabis Products, Cannabis Activity, or businesses engaged in any Cannabis Activity. This Section 106.05 shall not be construed to permit any sign that is otherwise restricted or prohibited by law.
   (a)   Any sign advertising Cannabis or Cannabis Products placed:
   (1)   Inside the premises of a building where the occupying business is licensed by the City and the State to sell Cannabis or Cannabis Products, unless such sign is a window sign in compliance with Section 14.4.14 of Article 4.4 of Chapter I of this Code; or
   (2)   On commercial vehicles used exclusively for transporting or delivering Cannabis or Cannabis Products and which are operated by persons licensed by the City and State to transport Cannabis or Cannabis Products.
   (b)   The display of public service messages or similar announcements cautioning against the use of Cannabis or Cannabis Products or that are designed to encourage minors to refrain from using or purchasing Cannabis or Cannabis Products. However, this subsection shall not be construed to permit an advertisement which purports to caution against the use of Cannabis or Cannabis Products when that message is conveyed in conjunction with the display of a logo, trademark or name used by any person or entity engaged in any Cannabis Activity for marketing or promotion of Cannabis or Cannabis Products.