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151.00   Title.
151.01   Declaration of Purpose.
151.02   Definitions.
151.03   The Rent Adjustment Commission.
151.04   Restriction on Rents.
151.05   Registration, Notification of Tenants, Posting of Notice and Payment of Fees.
151.05.1   Passthrough of Surcharge for the Systematic Code Enforcement Fee.
151.06   Automatic Adjustments.
151.06.02   Payment of Interest on Security Deposits.
151.06.1   Smoke Detectors.
151.06.2   Surcharge for Water Conservation Assessment.
151.07   Authority of the Department and the Commission to Grant Individual Rent Adjustments.
151.08   Authority of Commission to Regulate by Class.
151.09   Evictions.
151.10   Remedies.
151.11   Refusal of a Tenant to Pay.
151.12   Operative Date.
151.13   Minor Errors in Payment.
151.14   Filing of Application for Rent Adjustments, Requests for Hearing, and Appeals.
151.15   Penalties for Late Registration and for Failure to Post Notice That Property Is Subject to the Rent Stabilization Ordinance.
151.16   Research Services.
151.18   Additional Services Contracts.
151.19   Review of Ordinance.
151.20   Temporary Eviction Controls and Rent Reductions for Mobile Homes Damaged in the January, 1994 Earthquake.
151.21   Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita Temporary Relief Program.
151.22   Ellis Act Provisions - Statement of Purpose and Effect.
151.23   Ellis Act Provisions - Required Notice.
151.24   Ellis Act Provisions - Notification to Department of Intent to Re-Rent Unit.
151.25   Ellis Act Provisions - Civil Penalties for Offering Units for Rent Within Two Years of Withdrawal.
151.26   Ellis Act Provisions - Regulation of Property on Re-Offer for Rent or Lease after Withdrawal.
151.27   Ellis Act Provisions - Re-Rental Rights of Displaced Tenants.
151.28   Ellis Act Provisions - Rental of Replacement Units.
151.29   Regulation of Leases in Mobilehome Parks.
151.30   Evictions for Owner, Family, or Resident Manager Occupancy.
151.31   Tenant Buyout Notification Program.
151.32   Prohibition on Rent Increases.
151.33   Tenant Anti-Harassment.
151.34   Severability.