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   (Amended by Ord. No. 156,597, Eff. 5/20/82, Oper. 5/15/82.)
   A.   A tenant may refuse to pay any rent in excess of the maximum rent or maximum adjusted rent permitted pursuant to this chapter or regulations or orders adopted hereunder or as further permitted by this chapter or by ordinance.  The fact that such rent is in excess of maximum rent or maximum adjusted rent shall be a defense in any action brought to recover possession of a rental unit or to collect the illegal rent.  This subsection shall not be applicable to any rental unit not subject to the restrictions on rent set forth in this chapter.
   B.   A tenant may withhold the payment of any rent otherwise lawfully due and owing after July 1, 1979, until such time as the landlord has complied with Section 151.04 C. and Section 151.05 A. of this Chapter.  Once the landlord has complied with Sections 151.04 C. and 151.05 A. of this Chapter, the tenant becomes obligated to pay the current rent and any back rent withheld pursuant to this Subsection.  (Amended by Ord. 182,359, Eff. 1/26/13.)