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   (Amended by Ord. No. 176,066, Eff. 8/8/04)
   The Board may issue a temporary permit upon the acceptance of a complete application pursuant to Section 103.02.1(d) pending its action on an application.  A temporary permit shall expire upon the Board's action on the application or the withdrawal of the application by the applicant.
   The Board may also issue a temporary permit if a permittee or applicant seeks judicial review pursuant to Section 103.34.2.  Within ten business days after the Board mails its final decision, the permittee may file a written application to the Board for a temporary permit pending judicial review.  Within seven business days of acceptance of the application, the Board shall render its decision.  If required to do so by law, the Board shall grant the temporary permit.  This temporary permit shall expire when a court of competent jurisdiction renders a final decision in the litigation.  In addition to any other grounds to suspend or revoke a temporary permit, the Board may revoke a temporary permit if the permittee fails to diligently pursue the judicial action.
   In the event the Board denies an application for a temporary permit pending judicial review or the permittee rejects the board's proposed conditions, the original permit shall expire no sooner than 38 days from the mailing of the Board's action.
   In issuing any temporary permit, the Board may impose conditions upon the permit as the Board finds necessary to assure the preservation of the public health and safety.