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   The Board may require a public hearing prior to taking action on an application for a permit or a renewal thereof. The Board may require an applicant to cause to be published a notice of public hearing two times at intervals of not less than five days within the 21-day period following the filing of an application in a newspaper of general circulation in the district where the business is to be located or conducted. Furthermore the Board may give notice, by mail, as prescribed by the Board to all property owners within three hundred feet of the proposed business.
   The Board shall cause to be posted a suitable public notice at the location where the business is to be conducted.  The applicant shall bear all expense involved in mailing, printing, publishing and posting such notice.  (Amended by Ord. No. 137,649, Eff. 1/6/69.)
   (a)   Notice – Contents.  Such public notices shall conform to rules and regulations adopted by the Board and shall be designed to inform the public as to the nature of the business to be engaged in its location, the name or names of the applicant or applicants, the time of the public hearing and the right of persons objecting to be heard.  (Amended by Ord. No. 134,317, Eff. 6/2/67.)
   (b)   Protests by Interested Persons.  Any interested person may file written protests or objections any time before or at the hearing on such application, The Board shall give consideration to all such protests in reaching a decision on such application.  (Amended by Ord. No. 134,317, Eff. 6/2/67.)