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   (Amended by Ord. No. 173, 587, Eff. 12/7/00.)
   (a)   (Amended by Ord. No. 170,745, Eff. 12/3/95.) Whenever any money is excess of $29,457.00, including any tax administered by the City, license or permit fee, or fee for the renewal or transfer thereof, is collected or received by this City, it may be refunded as herein provided, and not otherwise, if a verified claim in writing therefor is filed with the City Clerk within 12 months after the date of payment. The claim shall be audited in the manner provided for in the Charter and shall be made on forms prescribed by the Controller. Such refund may be made only under the following conditions:
   1.   In any of the conditions specified under Subsection (a) of Section 22.13 of this Code;
   2.   Where the money paid was not required by law, or, was erroneously or illegally collected or received by this City through mistake, inadvertence or error of law or of fact, and whether paid or charged under color of any provision of this Code, or otherwise.
   (b)   This section is remedial in purpose; its terms and requirements shall not be deemed to limit or qualify the lawful right of any person to bring or maintain any action or proceeding based upon the general law of this state for any remedy provided by that law. (Added by Ord. No. 79,588, Eff. 5/21/38.)
   (c)   The monetary limitations in Subsection (a) above shall be subject to an adjustment at the beginning of each fiscal year after 1995-96 based upon the Consumer Price Index for all urban consumers for the Los Angeles area published by the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Controller shall calculate the adjustment in accordance with the methodology used to calculate monetary limits for intra departmental fund transfers pursuant to Los Angeles City Charter Section 343(c) and shall notify department heads in writing of the adjusted monetary limit. (Amended by Ord. No. 173,304, Eff. 6/30/00, Oper. 7/1/00.)