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   (Amended by Ord. No. 179,686*, Eff. 3/15/08.)
   The following words and phrases whenever used in this article shall be construed as defined in this section:
   (a)   "Ancillary Telecommunications Services" shall mean services that are associated with or incidental to the provision, use or enjoyment of Communications Services.
   (b)   "Communications Services" shall mean the transmission, conveyance, or routing of voice, audio, video communications, data or any other communications information or signals to a point, or between or among points, whatever the technology used, and whether or not that information is transmitted through interconnected service with the public switched network, or through fiber optic, coaxial cable, power line transmission, broadband, digital subscriber line or other wireless transmission. The term "Communications Services" includes transmission, conveyance, or routing in which computer processing applications are used to act on the form, code or protocol of the content for purposes of transmission, conveyance or routing without regard to whether those services are referred to as voice over internet protocol (VoIP) services or are classified by the Federal Communications Commission as enhanced or value added, and includes video and/or data services that are functionally integrated with "Communications Services". "Communications Services" include, but are not limited to the following services, regardless of the manner or basis on which those services are calculated or billed: central office and custom calling features (including but not limited to call waiting, call forwarding, caller identification and three-way calling); local number portability; text messaging; instant messaging; Ancillary Telecommunications Services; prepaid and post-paid telecommunications services (including but not limited to prepaid calling cards); mobile telecommunications services; Private Communications Services; paging services; and 800 services (or any other toll-free numbers designated by the Federal Communications Commission). "Communications Services" does not include either digital downloads, such as downloads of books, music, ringtones, games and similar digital products, or that portion of cable or video television services subject to a cable or video television franchise fee.
   (c)   "Month" shall mean a calendar month.
   (d)   "Person" shall mean all individuals, domestic and foreign corporations, associations, syndicates, joint stock companies, partnerships of every kind, joint ventures, clubs, Massachusetts businesses or common law trusts, societies, and, shall include municipal corporations.
   (e)   "Private Communications Services" shall mean any dedicated Communications Services that entitle the user to the exclusive or priority use of communications channels.
   (f)   "Service User" shall mean a Person required to pay a tax imposed under the provisions of this article.
* Note: Pursuant to the passage of Proposition S in a Special Election held on February 5, 2008, Ordinance No. 179,686 was adopted by the Council of the City of Los Angeles at its meeting of March 5, 2008.