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Sec. 901.  Department of Neighborhood Empowerment.
   The Department of Neighborhood Empowerment shall have the duties and responsibilities set forth in this Article and elsewhere in the Charter to implement and oversee the ordinances and regulations creating the system of neighborhood councils enacted pursuant to Section 905.  Duties and responsibilities shall include:
   (a)   prepare a plan for the creation of a system of neighborhood councils to ensure that every part of the City is within the boundary of a neighborhood council, and has an opportunity to form a neighborhood council (Plan);
   (b)   assist neighborhoods in preparing petitions for recognition or certification, identifying boundaries that do not divide communities, and organizing themselves, in accordance with the Plan;
   (c)   arrange Congress of Neighborhood meetings if requested to do so by recognized neighborhood councils;
   (d)   assist neighborhood councils with the election or selection of their officers;
   (e)   arrange training for neighborhood councils’ officers and staff;
   (f)   assist neighborhood councils to share resources, including offices, equipment, and other forms of support for them to communicate with constituents, other neighborhood councils and with government officials; and
   (g)   perform other duties as provided by ordinance.