(a)    In addition to any other condition or regulation contained in this chapter or in state statutes, the following conditions and regulations shall be applicable to and shall govern and control all licenses of Sweepstakes Terminal Cafes.
      (1)    Each licensee shall at all times open each and every portion of the premises for inspection by the Police Department and other City departments for the purposes of enforcing any provisions of this chapter.
      (2)    Each licensee shall have present on the premises at all times when the premises are open to the public at least one adult operator who has not been convicted of any felony or of any misdemeanor involving the operation of a sweepstakes terminal cafe or involving physical violence, gambling activities, controlled substances, alcoholic beverages, minors or any crime involving moral turpitude.
      (3)    No licensee shall allow living quarters to exist with direct entry to the premises.
      (4)    No licensee shall allow any person, other than an owner or operator over the age of eighteen years, who shall be readily identifiable, to be in control of the premises, nor allow such operator to be regularly situated in a place upon the premises other than a place from which he has an unobstructed view of the entire portion of the premises devoted to the operation of computerized sweepstakes devices.
      (5)    No person under the age of 18 years shall be permitted to operate a computerized sweepstakes device;
      (6)    Any and all sweepstakes rules and odds of winning shall be posted in a conspicuous place at the premises and displayed on the computerized sweepstakes device at the start of each game and/or activity.
      (7)    Each licensee shall operate the Sweepstakes Terminal Cafe business in compliance with any and all pertinent Federal Trade Commission rules and regulations.
      (8)    Licensees may be required to hire an off-duty police officer or other security personnel to provide for the safety of the patrons as determined by the City.  (Ord. 4-11.  Passed 1-3-11.)
      (9)    Each licensee shall maintain the name, address and prize amount of all sweepstakes prize winners. Each licensee shall report sweepstakes prize winnings for each person who receives $600.00 or more in sweepstakes prize winnings.  Each licensee shall provide the City Treasurer with a complete list of sweepstakes winners on a quarterly basis on or before the tenth day of each preceding month.
         (Ord. 156-11.  Passed 10-17-11.)
      (10)    Licensees may be required to hire an off-duty police officer or other security personnel to provide for the safety of the patrons as determined by the City.
      (11)    All computerized sweepstakes devices upon the premises of a Sweepstakes Terminal Cafe shall be located thereon in conformity with the floor plan filed with the application for the license and in such a manner:
         (Ord. 4-11.  Passed 1-3-11; Ord. 156-11.  Passed 10-17-11.)
         A.   So as not to impair ingress or egress to the premises;
         B.   So as not to interfere with free and unfettered passage through the premise;
      C.   So as to permit a clear and complete view of the interior of the premises immediately upon entry; and
      (12)   All licensees shall permit the Certified Independent Regulatory Compliance Test Laboratory selected by the City of Lorain Safety Director or his designee, to inspect and verify all operating systems, including but not limited to software programs and computer chip components, for their compliance with the provisions of this chapter.
         (Ord. 4-11.  Passed 1-3-11.)