Motor Vehicle Privilege License Tax
   30.001   Declaration of tax
   30.002   Administration
   30.003   Collection
   30.004   Purpose
   30.005   Effective date
Business Privilege License Tax
   30.020   Definitions
   30.021   Construction of subchapter
   30.022   Levy of tax
   30.023   Who must pay tax
   30.024   Period of license; due date
   30.025   Proration of tax
   30.026   Refunds
   30.027   Separate businesses
   30.028   Computation of tax based on gross receipts
   30.029   Exemptions
   30.030   Application for license
   30.031   Reasons for refusal or revocation of a license
   30.032   Unqualified applicants; rights to a conference
   30.033   City Finance Officer to issue license; payment of tax a prerequisite
   30.034   Amount of tax disputed
   30.035   Revocation of license
   30.036   Form and contents of license
   30.037   Assignments
   30.038   Changes in the business conducted by licensee during the tax year
   30.039   City Finance Officer to furnish duplicates
   30.040   Record of conferences
   30.041   Providing notice to an applicant or licensee
   30.042   Duty to determine whether tax due
   30.043   City Finance Officer to investigate
   30.044   Duty to keep books
   30.045   Duty to permit inspection
   30.046   Duty to post license
   30.047   Notice of deficiency
   30.048   Request for a conference
   30.049   Deficiency to become final
   30.050   Conference held
   30.051   Collection of deficiency
   30.052   Appearance before City Council
   30.053   Schedule of license taxes
   30.054   Gross receipts calculation
   30.055   City license taxes prohibited by law
Solid Waste Availability Fee
   30.070   Purpose
   30.071   Assessment and collection
   30.999   Penalty