Article I. Incorporation and Corporate Powers
   Sec. 1.1   Incorporation and general powers
   Sec. 1.2   Exercise of powers
   Sec. 1.3   Enumerated powers not exclusive
Article II. Corporate Boundaries
   Sec. 2.1   Corporate boundaries
Article III. Mayor and City Council
   Sec. 3.1   Temporary officers
   Sec. 3.2   Mayor and Mayor Pro Tempore
   Sec. 3.3   Composition of City Council
   Sec. 3.4   Terms; qualifications; vacancies
   Sec. 3.5   Compensation of Mayor and Councilmen
   Sec. 3.6   Organization of Council; oaths of office
   Sec. 3.7   Meetings of Council
   Sec. 3.8   Quorum; votes
   Sec. 3.9   Ordinances and resolutions
Article IV. Election Procedure
   Sec. 4.1   Regular municipal elections
   Sec. 4.2   Regulation of elections
Article V. City Attorney
   Sec. 5.1   Appointment; qualifications; terms; compensation
   Sec. 5.2   Duties of the City Attorney
Article VI. Administrative Officers and Employees
   Sec. 6.1   Form of government
   Sec. 6.2   City Manager; appointment; powers and duties
   Sec. 6.3   City Clerk
   Sec. 6.4   City Tax Collector
   Sec. 6.5   City Finance Officer
   Sec. 6.6   Consolidation of functions
   Sec. 6.7   Other employees
Article VII. Finance
   Sec. 7.1   Custody of city money
   Sec. 7.2   Issuance of bonds
   Sec. 7.3   Purchases and contracts
   Sec. 7.4   Independent audit
   Sec. 7.5   Taxation
Article VIII. Claims Against the City
   Sec. 8.1   Tort claims
Editor’s note:
   Printed herein is the Charter of the City of Locust, being Session Laws 1973, chapter 246, House Bill 645, as adopted by the General Assembly on April 19, 1973, and effective on the same date. Amendments to the original Charter are indicated by parenthetical history notes following amended provisions. The absence of a history note indicates that the provision remains unchanged from the original Charter. For stylistic purposes, a uniform system of headings, catch lines, and citations to state statutes has been used.
Editor’s note:
   This charter has been amended by Acts of the General Assembly of North Carolina.