General Provisions
   154.001   Authority and intent
   154.002   Short title
   154.003   Jurisdiction
   154.004   Interpretation of commonly used words
   154.005   Rules for construction of language
   154.006   Definitions
Application of Regulations
   154.015   Zoning affects every building and use
   154.016   Reduction of lot and yard areas prohibited
   154.017   Relationship of building to lot
   154.018   Height regulations generally
   154.019   Visibility at intersections
   154.020   Averaging an existing residential front setback line
   154.021   Lot requirements cannot be transferred to another use
   154.022   Every lot shall abut a street
   154.023   Locations of building lines on irregularly shaped lots
   154.024   Mixed uses
   154.025   Fractional requirements under this chapter
   154.026   Nonconformances may continue
   154.027   Location of building line where the streetline is unknown
   154.028   Parcels not having sanitary sewer or water service
   154.029   Historic Overlay District (HD) designated; purpose defined
   154.030   Location of building line on major and minor thoroughfares
   154.031   Prohibition of use of residentially zoned property for access to uses not permitted in residential districts
   154.032   Lots; dimensions, access and related
   154.033   Permitted projections into required setbacks
Administrative Mechanisms
   154.045   Town Council
   154.046   Planning Board
   154.047   Board of Adjustment
   154.048   Zoning Administrator
District Regulations
   154.060   Use districts named
   154.061   District boundaries shown on zoning map
   154.062   Due consideration given to district boundaries
   154.063   Only one official map
   154.064   Description and purpose of each zoning district
   154.065   Schedule of permitted and permissible special uses by district
   154.066   Area, height, bulk and placement regulations
   154.067   Table of permitted uses
   154.068   Note file for § 154.067
Supplemental Regulations
   154.080   Historic Overlay District (HD)
   154.081   Parking of domestic, commercial and recreational vehicles
   154.082   Buffers and screening
   154.083   Screening of open storage
   154.084   Screening of mechanical equipment
   154.085   Central solid waste storage area
   154.086   Parking restricted within required front yards
   154.087   Vehicle towing operations
   154.088   Construction trailers and temporary offices
   154.089   Model dwelling units
   154.090   Repair of privately owned motor vehicles in residential districts
   154.091   Garage sales, yard sales and the like
   154.092   Animals
   154.093   Stacking or waiting lanes for drive-in windows
   154.094   Industrial districts; performance standards
   154.095   Commercial districts; performance standards
   154.096   Residential districts; performance standards
   154.097   Trees; shrubs; screening
   154.098   Solar farm(s) located in I and IP Districts
Development Standards for Wireless Communication Facilities
   154.110   Purpose
   154.111   Uses not covered by this subchapter
   154.112   Interpretation and definitions
   154.113   Preferred locations for wireless communications facilities and applicability
   154.114   Development standards
   154.115   Review process
   154.116   Approval process
   154.117   Shared facilities and collocation policy
   154.118   Removal of abandoned support structures
   154.119   Nonconforming wireless communications facilities
   154.120   Enforcement
Off-Street Parking and Loading
   154.135   Purpose and intent
   154.136   Off-street parking required
   154.137   Compliance with regulations
   154.138   Methods of providing required parking
   154.139   Joint use facilities and shared parking
   154.140   Number of required off-street parking spaces
   154.141   Determination for unlisted uses
   154.142   Off-street parking space design standards
   154.143   Landscaping standards for off-street parking
   154.144   Required off-street loading space
   154.145   Determination of unlisted uses
   154.146   Off-street loading space standards
   154.147   Parking requirements table and diagram
   154.160   Intent
   154.161   Signs subject to control
   154.162   Signs not subject to control
   154.163   Traffic safety precautions
   154.164   Prohibited locations for signs
   154.165   Maximum size for signs
   154.166   Maximum height for signs
   154.167   Restriction of direct illumination
   154.168   Electrical requirements
   154.169   Zoning compliance permit required
   154.170   Responsible party identified
   154.171   Temporary signs
   154.172   Trailer, mobile home, A-frame and T-frame portable signs prohibited
   154.173   Billboards (off-premises business signs) prohibited
   154.174   Maintenance required
   154.175   Removal of obsolete signs
   154.176   All other sign types
   154.177   Schedule of permitted and permissible signs
   154.178   Note file for § 154.177
Special Use Regulations
   154.190   Intent
   154.191   General standards
   154.192   Procedure for submission and consideration of applications for approval of special uses
   154.193   Imposed conditions
   154.194   Discontinuance of permitted activity
   154.195   Contents of application for a special use
   154.196   Minor changes to be approved by Zoning Administrator; modifications require action by Town Council
   154.197   General compliance with this chapter
   154.198   Failure to comply with plans and conditions of the permit
   154.199   Withdrawal of application
   154.200   Effect of denial on subsequent petitions
   154.201   Appeals
   154.202   Fees
   154.203   Standards applicable to individual special uses
   154.204   Adult day care facilities for more than thirty clients
   154.205   Airport; heliport
   154.206   Child day care facilities in districts where those facilities require a special use permit
   154.207   Colleges; universities
   154.208   Combustible liquid storage in quantities greater than two thousand but less than one-hundred thousand-gallons’ aggregate
   154.209   Combustible liquid storage in quantities greater than one-hundred thousand-gallons’ aggregate
   154.210   Congregate living facilities; nursing home; group home
   154.211   Cultural facility
   154.212   Dwelling multi-family up to .35 FAR
   154.213   Extraction of earth products
   154.214   Golf course
   154.215   Home occupations
   154.216   Junkyards
   154.217   Landfills; sanitary
   154.218   Manufacturing, processing and assembly; light
   154.219   Mobile and manufactured home parks
   154.220   Planned unit development
   154.221   Public facility
   154.222   Public use facility
   154.223   Recreational vehicle; travel parks and camps
   154.224   Public, private elementary and high schools
   154.225   Adult establishments
   154.226   Nonconforming situations
   154.227   Mental institution; sanitarium
   154.228   Professional residential facility (structured environment)
   154.229   Game rooms
   154.230   Storage of hazardous material within balance of watershed
   154.231   Transfer stations
   154.232   Dwellings in I and IP Districts
   154.233   Structures may exceed height limits established in § 154.066(A)
   154.234   Telecommunications towers
   154.235   Commercial developments with multi-use and/or structures and FAR between .27 and .35
   154.236   Commercial developments with multi-use and/or structures and FAR up to .35
   154.237   Country, racquet, tennis and swim clubs
   154.238   Fraternity and sorority houses
   154.239   Watershed SNIA
   154.240   Solar farm in R40 District
Nonconforming Situations
   154.250   Continuation of nonconforming situations
   154.251   Nonconforming lots
   154.252   Extension or enlargement of nonconforming situations
   154.253   Change in kind of nonconforming use
   154.254   Abandonment and discontinuance of nonconforming situations
Administration and Legal Provisions
   154.265   Establishment of Administrative Officer
   154.266   Duties of the Zoning Administrator
   154.267   Powers and limitations of the Zoning Administrator
   154.268   Zoning compliance permit required
   154.269   Contents of application for zoning compliance permit
   154.270   Certificate of zoning compliance
   154.271   Site specific development plan
   154.272   Fees
   154.273   Determination of exact location of zoning district boundary lines
   154.274   Building permits issued prior to adoption of this chapter
   154.275   Changes and amendments
   154.276   Prohibition of certain testimony
   154.277   vConditional use permits
   154.278   Enforcement and review
   154.279   Interpretation; conflict; purpose
   154.999   Penalty