Health, Safety and Sanitation
521.01   Abandoned refrigerators and airtight containers.
521.02   Venting of heaters and burners.
521.03   Barricades and warning lights;  abandoned excavations.
521.04   Sidewalk obstructions; damage or injury.
521.05   Notice to fill lots, remove putrid substances.
521.06   Duty to keep sidewalks clean.
521.07   Nonsmoking areas in places of public assembly. (Repealed)
521.08   Littering and deposit of garbage, rubbish, junk, etc.
521.09   Noxious or offensive odors.
521.10   Spitting.
521.11   Washing articles in public  places.
521.12   Rummaging in refuse.
521.13   Operation of private snowplows.
521.14   Sale of tobacco and alternate nicotine products to minors  prohibited; vending machines. (Repealed)
521.15   Newspaper drop off deliveries.
521.16   Maintenance of parking lots.
521.17   Shopping cart litter.
521.18   Wood-fired boilers.
521.99   Penalty.
See sectional histories for similar State law
Flagpole installation in sidewalk - see Ohio R.C. 723.012
Excavation liability - see Ohio R.C. 723.49 et seq.
Removal of noxious weeds or litter - see Ohio R.C. 731.51 et seq.
Nuisances - see Ohio R.C. Ch. 3767
Tampering with safety devices - see GEN. OFF. 541.04
Indoor air pollution - see GEN. OFF. Ch. 523
Littering from motor vehicles - see TRAF. 331.45