General Provisions
   51.01   Who may turn on service
   51.02   Application for service required
   51.03   Condition of plumbing
   51.04   Permit, notice required for connections to mains; supervision, inspections
   51.05   Reselling water prohibited
   51.06   Tampering with, damaging system, meters
   51.07   Groundwater as potable water supply prohibited
Service Pipes
   51.20   Responsibility for, supervision of installation
   51.21   Use of old service pipes prohibited
   51.22   Repairs
   51.23   Excavations
   51.24   Shutoff or service boxes required; location; frost protection
Meters and Rates
   51.40   Meters required
   51.41   Meter installation, location
   51.42   Reading of meters
   51.43   Rates established
   51.44   Billing
   51.45   Discontinuing service for nonpayment; deposits
   51.46   Using water during construction
   51.47   Lien for unpaid charges; notice
   51.48   Foreclosure of lien
   51.49   Curtailment of use of water for sprinkling, vehicle washing and other nonessential uses
Cross-Connection Control
   51.55   Purpose
   51.56   Backflow prevention device installed
   51.57   Prohibited connections
   51.58   Inspections
   51.59   Discontinuance of water service
   51.60   Consumer responsibility
   51.61   Violations
   51.62   Cross-connection regulations adopted by reference
   51.99   Penalty