(A)   Use of groundwater as a potable water supply.  The use or attempt to use as a potable water supply groundwater from within the corporate limits of the village by the installation or drilling of wells or by any other method is hereby prohibited, including at points of withdrawal by the village.
   (B)   Definitions
      PERSON.  Any individual, partnership, co- partnership, firm, company, limited liability company, corporation association, joint stock company, trust, estate, political subdivision, or any other legal entity, or their representatives, agents or assigns.
      POTABLE WATER. Any water used for human or domestic consumption, including, but not limited to, water used for drinking, bathing, swimming, washing, dishes, or preparing foods.
   (C)   Contamination.  If the water from any existing private well used for potable water shall at any time be or become contaminated so as to be unsafe for domestic use, the owner or other person operating and using the well:
      (1)   Shall discontinue such operation and use immediately on receipt of an order to that effect from the Director of Public Works; and
      (2)   Shall have the well abandoned by a licensed well driller according to the State of Illinois Department of Public Health Standards.
   (D)   Water not used for domestic purposes.  Any existing water well from which the water is to be used solely for flushing, sprinkling, cooling or industrial purposes and is not to be used for drinking purposes, washing dishes or utensils or in preparation of food shall not be subject to the provisions of this section, provided the same has no cross-connection in any way with the village’s water supply system and provided all outlets are so arranged that the water may not be used for drinking purposes and such source of water is labeled “UNFIT FOR DRINKING PURPOSES.”
(Ord. 726, passed 7-8-03; Ord. 743, passed 1-27-04)    Penalty, see § 51.99