(A)   All premises using water from the village water supply must be supplied with a meter furnished by the village.  Meters installed in newly constructed homes shall be at the expense of the owner.
   (B)   Before any premises are occupied, a water meter shall be installed therein as herein required.
   (C)   Meter locations shall be at the discretion of the Public Works Director in a location to facilitate reading. The Public Works Director is authorized to discontinue water service to any building when the owner or occupant thereof refuses entry to an authorized village representative for the purpose of installation, inspection, maintenance or reading of the water meter or remote register. If water service is discontinued pursuant to the provisions of this division (C), water service shall not be renewed except upon payment of a fee of $25.
(`70 Code, § 23-36)  (Ord. 261, passed 9-26-78; Ord. 729, passed 8-12-03)