General Provisions
   53.01   Definitions
   53.02   Connection to sewer required
   53.03   Treatment of discharged sewage
   53.04   Sewage disposal facilities; unlawful to construct or maintain
   53.05   Installation of suitable toilet facilities required
   53.06   Construction of facilities near water supply wells
   53.07   Protection of sewerage works from damage
   53.08   Powers and authority of inspectors
   53.09   Safety rules to be observed; liability disclaimed
Building Sewers and Connections
   53.20   Permit required 
   53.21   Discharge of wastewater to public sanitary sewer
   53.22   Notice to village of material changes
   53.23   Installation costs; bond
   53.24   Separate sewer for each building required; exceptions
   53.25   Old building sewers
   53.26   Construction specifications
   53.27   Connecting source of surface runoff or groundwater to public sanitary sewer prohibited
   53.28   Inspection
   53.29   Excavations
Use of Public Sewers
   53.35   Use of public sewer required
   53.36   Unlawful discharges
   53.37   Stormwater and unpolluted drainage
   53.38   Rejection, pretreatment or equalization of unacceptable waters or wastes
   53.39   Interceptors shall be provided when necessary
   53.40   Maintenance of pretreatment or flow equalizing facilities
   53.41   Control manhole to be installed
   53.42   Analysis of water and wastes
   53.43   Pretreatment of industrial waste
Storm and Surface Water
   53.50   (Reserved)
   53.51   (Reserved)
   53.52   Inspection; correction of illegal connections
   53.53   Ownership and maintenance of service connections and lines
   53.54   Discharge of storm and surface water into sanitary sewer prohibited
   53.55   Use of downspouts, roof drains and sump pumps
   53.56   Violations; notice of lien
Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination
   53.65   Statutory authority
   53.66   Purposes of this subchapter
   53.67   Interpretation of terms and words
   53.68   Definitions
   53.69   Applicability
   53.70   Interpretation
   53.71   Participating communities
   53.72   Responsibility for administration
   53.73   Duties of Director
   53.74   Representative capacity
   53.75   Prohibition of illicit discharges
   53.76   Prohibition of illicit connections
   53.77   Submission of notice of intent (NOI) to the Department
   53.78   Notification of spills
   53.79   Enforcement: violations
   53.80   Notice to correct violations: Director may take action
   53.81   Emergency cease and desist orders
   53.82   Violations deemed a public nuisance
   53.83   Nuisance abatement
   53.84   Fines
   53.85   Remedies not exclusive
   53.86   Suspension of MS4 access due to detection of illicit discharges
   53.87   Right to appeal
   53.88   Enforcement measures after appeal
   53.89   Severability
   53.90   Most restrictive provisions apply
   53.91   Ultimate responsibility
   53.99   Penalty