94.01   Names of streets and avenues
   94.02   Street grades
   94.03   Designated routes of travel on city streets for commercial motor carriers, trucks and buses
   94.04   Width of sidewalks
   94.05   Material for the construction of sidewalks
   94.06   Sidewalk repairs
   94.07   Failure to make sidewalk repairs
   94.08   Permit required to build sidewalks, curbs, gutters and driveway approaches
   94.09   Obstruction of streets, alleys and sidewalks prohibited
   94.10   Water discharge from eaves of buildings on sidewalks prohibited
   94.11   Removal of snow and ice from public sidewalk
   94.12   Trimming of trees or shrubs within or overhanging the public right-of-way
   94.13   Trenching contractor’s license
   94.14   Renewal of license
   94.15   Revocation of license
   94.16   Permit required for excavation
   94.17   Bond and insurance required for contractors
   94.18   Excavation permit fees
   94.19   Liability
   94.20   Guarding excavations
   94.21   Refilling excavations
   94.22   Excavations near streets, alleys and the like
   94.23   Street improvement policy