(A)   Any person making such excavation shall, when the same has been completed, promptly and without delay, refill the same as herein provided.
   (B)   All materials used for backfill shall be free from frozen materials, rocks and foreign materials, that may decompose, and other materials that may affect the stability of the backfill.
   (C)   Chunks of asphalt or concrete from the street, sidewalk, curb and gutter and the like will not be used in the backfill.
   (D)   Backfill shall be compacted at near optimum moisture content in layers not to exceed six inches in compacted thickness, by pneumatic tampers or other approved means of compaction. Tamping with the bottom or sides of an excavating bucket will not be acceptable. Compaction in lifts thicker than six inches may be done provided the City Engineer approves the use of a thicker layer when it is to be accomplished with an approved mechanical tamper capable of adequately compacting the additional thickness.
   (E)   Water flooding for the consolidation of backfill will not be acceptable. The addition of water will be limited to the amount needed to obtain optimum moisture content for maximum density consolidation.
   (F)   Ninety-five percent compaction or better will be required under streets and alleys and areas under structural loading. All other areas will require a minimum of 90% compaction.
(Prior Code, § 22-35)