§ 158.071  AMENDED PLATS.
   (A)   Pursuant to Tex. Local Gov’t Code § 212.0065, the City Engineer or designee is delegated the authority to review and approve amended plats as described in Tex. Local Gov’t Code § 212.016(a)(1) - (9).
   (B)   (1)   Any amending of any existing subdivision or any part thereof shall meet the requirements provided for herein for a new subdivision, with the exception of certificates.
      (2)   The following certificates shall be placed on the amending plat, in a manner that will allow the filling-in of the certificates by the proper party.
         (a)   Approved:
            City Engineer or designee            Date
            City of Heath, Texas
         (b)   I hereby certify that the above and foregoing Amending Plat of                       Addition to the City of Heath, Texas, was approved by the City Engineer or designee of the City of Heath on the         day of                             ,           .
         (c)   This approval shall be invalid unless the approved Amending Plat for the Addition is recorded in the office of the County Clerk of                       , Texas, within 365 days from the date of final approval. An extension may be granted by the City Engineer or designee.
         (d)   The Amending Plat shall be subject to all the requirements of the Subdivision Ordinance of the City of Heath.
            Witness my hand this the       day of                               ,             .
            City Secretary
            City of Heath, Texas
(Ord. 090901A, passed 9-1-2009; Ord. 130924C, passed 9-24-2013)